What is the difference between 'Reel' Rush and Traditional Natural Rush?
Reel Rush

Reel Rush is made from natural rush stems that have been twisted into a rope or cord to make a continuus length of material rather like a large ball of string (such as hemp or sisal) that you might use in your garden. The rush is supplied in reels of various diameters and weights. The reel illustrated to the right is a 5kg reel of 4/5mm diameter reel rush.

Reel Rush is obtainable from different suppliers in the UK including Seat Weaving Supplies based in West Moors.

Traditional Natural Rush

Traditional natural rush or 'cattails' are harvested annually and sold in bolts of various sizes. To date I have located two suppliers, Rush Matters and Somerset Willow Growers.

The rush supplied by Rush Matters is harvested in Bedfordshire and that supplied by Somerset Willow Growers is imported from Portugal.

If you know of any other suppliers in the South West please let me know! info@roger-dennis.com